Legal Advisement

1. Website Identification
The website was created in March 2005 by Joan Rúbies Mallol y Miguel Tarragona Coromina, Public Notaries of the Col·legi Notarial de Catalunya, and actualized on 2 of abril 2015 by both of them and Immaculada Rúbies Royo.
The home of website for notification and communications effects of any kind is Diagonal Av., 4 , 5th floor , Postal Code: 08008, city of Barcelona, Spain, or the email address

2. Intellectual and Industrial property rights
The intellectual and industrial property rights on the website known as belong to Joan Rúbies Mallol and Miguel Tarragona Coromina. The intellectual property rights of the website include the content of it, its design with all the elements that comprise it and the source code with which is programmed and they are protected under the Spanish and International legislation concerning copyright.

3. Content Reproduction Ban
It is expressly forbidden to reproduce or make public diffusion by any means, partially or fully, of the content of the website

4. Authorization of Links
It is authorized to any person, individual and legal entity, to establish on their websites links to, both for their home page or index and for any of the other pages of the website.

5. Copyright Disclaimer
The authors of the website do not assume any kind of responsibility for the misuse that the visitors of the website could do with the content of the website. Under the same premise, the website authors do not assume any kind of responsibility for the content, the malfunctions or possible damage originated by the pages or websites linked by The authors reserve the right to change without previous notification the content of any of the page or sections of the website

6. Acceptance of the Terms of Use
The access as a visitor to implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of the website, as has been stated in this legal advice.

7. Data Protection
We guarantee the confidentiality of your data according with the Spanish "Ley Orgánica 15/1999, del 13 de Diciembre de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal. BOE 14/12/1999"